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Our Safety Training Courses
Minerva Consulting Group offer both ONLINE and FACE-TO-FACE Training to allow you to choose the delivery option best for your organisation.

Minerva Consulting Group has been running safety training for over twenty years. 


We have conducted hundreds of safety training courses.  Minerva's Safety Professionals deliver training programs to a wide range of clients across a number of industries.  We can deliver the standard training courses such as manual handling and hazardous chemicals, and we can run training tailored to your organisation's needs.  All our trainers hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and have years of experience in the safety field.

Minerva's courses are designed for optimal learning, catering for 10 participants per session, to allow for individual learner differences and to ensure participants receive the best learning experience possible.  Our training courses cater to participants from all levels of study and take into account language and literacy barriers.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic changing the way organisations work we are running delivering courses in different ways to best meet your organisational needs.  We provide face-to-face training on your site, or we can provide the best of both worlds - a face-to-face trainer delivering courses via MS Teams or Zoom. Clients have embraced this online training format as it allows for flexibility, with participants not required to travel for face-to-face training sessions on site, but still getting the benefit of an experienced trainer facilitating the learning experience.

Minerva can adapt and tailor our standard training sessions for your organisation.  We can also develop and deliver custom training to meet the exact needs of your workers.

SafetyAuditor Training
Safety Auditor / Safety Auditor Refresher Training

Email to express your interest in attending Minerva's next Online Safety Auditor or Safety Auditor Refresher Public Training Course or to schedule Safety Auditor / Safety Auditor Refresher Training for your organisation.

Organisations need competent Safety Auditors to check if workplaces are safe and if systems are being followed.  This course will train participants in how to conduct Audits following AS/NZS ISO 19011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.  Audit Tools will be examined, particularly AS/NZS ISO 45001: 2018 The New Safety Management System Standard.  This course is certified by Exemplar Global (the certifier of Auditors) and will allow participants to obtain internationally recognised Auditor competencies.  This interactive course will update participants on current WHS legislation, workplace incident and prosecution trends.  The course will familiarise trainees with AS/NZS ISO 45001 The New Safety Management System Standard that was released in late 2018, discussing the additional requirements now expected of organisation’s Safety Management Systems (including the greater safety leadership demands on top management and increased worker safety participation).  It will also explain the new competency requirements and auditing principles detailed in the 2019 update of the Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems in AS/NZS ISO 19011.

Lead Safety Auditor Refresher Training is also available to refresh your skills every three years.

Confined Spaces Training
Confined Spaces Awareness Training

Email to schedule Confined Space Awareness Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Confined Spaces Awareness Training is designed to prepare participants to monitor and supervise Confined Spaces.    The course aims to:

  • Provide an overview of Work Health and Safety Legislation

  • Outline specific hazards encountered in confined spaces

  • Understand requirements for entry permits and emergency procedures

  • Provide participants with an understanding of the principles of WHS Risk Management

Fire Warden / ECO / EPC Training
Emergency Warden (ECO / EPC) Training

Email to schedule Emergency Warden (ECO / EPC) Training for your organisation.

Minerva's ECO / EPC Training includes the training requirements listed in Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities. This training will equip your Chief Warden, Deputy Warden and Wardens with the skills to evacuate workplaces in emergencies.  Minerva tailors the training to your organisation and the potential emergencies your staff may face.  The training covers legislative obligations, emergency systems and fire awareness.  Topics covered:

  • Legislation Obligations

  • Emergency Systems

  • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

  • Fire Awareness

  • Emergency Command and Control

  • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

  • Emergency Planning

  • Emergency Response

Hazardous Chemical Training
Hazardous Chemicals Training

Email to schedule Hazardous Chemicals Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Hazardous Chemicals Training is specifically tailored to your organisation, this course focusses on chemicals used within your organisation and their potential hazards.    Topics covered:

  • Legislation Obligations

  • Dangerous Goods Classes

  • Globally Harmonised System of Classification and 
    Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

  • Risks working with Hazardous Chemicals

  • Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods Signage

  • Warning Labels and Safety Data Sheets

  • Safe Storage, Segregation and Manifest Quantities

  • Emergency Procedures and Spill Response

Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling Training

Email to schedule Manual Handling Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Manual Handling Training educates participants on the correct manual handling methods to prevent injury when carrying out general and hazardous manual tasks.  Topics covered:

  • Legislation Obligations and Duty of Care

  • Developing Safe Habits and Good Posture

  • Recommended Lifting and Handling Practices

  • Determining the Best Technique

  • Back Design and Basic Anatomy

  • Safe Lifting Rules

WHS Risk Assessment Training
Risk Assessment Training

Email to schedule Risk Assessment Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Risk Assessment Training is designed to help workers effectively identify, assess and control risks as well as complete risk assessments.    Specifically tailored to your organisation, this course examines hazards that are likely to occur in the workplace.  The course covers:

  • WHS Act 2011

  • Duty of care requirements

  • How to identify, assess and control risks

  • Home to complete risk assessments

Safety Committee Training
Safety Committee Training

Email to schedule Safety Committee Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Safety Committee training is designed for committee members to gain skills to effectively consult on safety issues.  The course will provide participants with the skills to work effectively as part of a Safety Committee, the steps and processes / procedures required for the committee to function in the workplace and how members can make effective contributions to minimise safety risks in their workplace.  Topics covered:

  • Safety Legislation

  • Duty Holders and their Duties

  • Consultation, Representation, Participation, and Issue Resolution

  • Consultation Requirements and Arrangements in the Workplace

  • Roles of Safety Committees

  • Safety Issue Resolution Process

  • Managing Risks to Safety

WHS Legislation Training
Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legislation Training

Email to schedule WHS Legislation Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legislation Training is designed to assist your organisation's executives to understand the your organisation's legal obligations under NSW WHS Legislation.  By the end of the training, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011

  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation 2017

  • Company and management duty of care requirements

  • Recent safety trends and case studies

  • Regulatory Enforcement programs

  • Consider  the organisation's safety mangement systems and how effective they are in meeting legal compliance and ensuring workplace safety.

WHS Due Diligence Training
Work Health & Safety (WHS) Due Diligence Legal Responsibilities Training

Email to express your interest in attending Minerva's next Online WHS Due Diligence Legal Responsibilities Public Training Course or to schedule WHS Due Diligence Legal Responsibilities Training for your organisation.

Minerva’s Work Health & Safety Due Diligence Legal Responsibilities Course explains safety legal responsibilities under the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017.  The course aims to assist organisation’s Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Safety Personnel and Officers to understand their legal obligations and to learn their personal, legal WHS due diligence obligations.  This course covers the duties that are imposed on Organisations, Officers and Workers.  Participants will be provided with a WHS Due Diligence to guide conducting and recording actions to achieve future legal compliance  Topics covered:

  • An introduction to the WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulation 2017
    and current WHS Codes of Practice;

  • Company and management 'duty of care’ requirements

  • The legal requirement to do what is 'reasonably practicable'

  • Managers’ / Officers’ Due Diligence legal responsibilities

  • Recent safety trends and case studies

  • Regulatory enforcement programs

  • Organisation’s safety management systems and how they guide meeting legal compliance for ensuring workplace safety

Workplace Eronomics Assessment Training
Workstation Ergonomic Assessment Training

Email to schedule Workstation Ergonomic Assessment Training for your organisation.

Minerva's Workstation Ergonomics Assessment Training is designed to assist participants to be able to confidently assess workstations to achieve an optimum ergonomic layout.  Topics covered:

  • Background and Statistics

  • WHS Legislation / Risk Management

  • Anatomy / Normal Curves of the Spine

  • Postural Assessments

  • Common Abnormalities

  • Disc Loading

  • The Importance of Good Vision

  • Conducting Ergonomic Assessments

  • Seated Posture

  • Pause Gymnastics / Stretches

  • Reaching / Precious Space

  • Chair and Workstation Adjustments

  • Making Workstation Modifications

  • Upper Limb Conditions

  • Occupational Overuse Conditions

  • Mouse Work

  • Influencing the Unwilling / Power of Pictures

  • Documenting Workstation Assessments

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